Project managing every step of the way to help you maximise profits and minimise risks within your development portfolio

Contract Negotiations
Ensuring your contracts protect you whilst maintaining a flexible approach to ongoing variations is essential, not only for your business but for your client base. Our expert commercial managers can help you avoid those awkward situations when specifications are amended so you react with speed and assurance.

Detailed Quantity Surveying
Knowing detailed quantities is a must. Whether a full bill or just a schedule of materials, our quantity surveyors can help you make the necessary calculations and give you the tools to project cost budgets and fluctuations.

Procurement Services
It’s easy to become complacent and believe you are getting the best price from existing suppliers, when sometimes readdressing these issues can uncover rewarding results without compromise to service. We can manage your negotiations to get you the right price and terms, and protect your valuable profit.

Payment Applications
Don’t pay unnecessary interest charges due to funding poor cash flows. Our planning can help you ensure payments are received on time, or renegotiate payment terms to offset sacrificing profits.

Variation Orders
Variations only mean one thing: a hit to your bottom line. From incorrect drawings to those unforeseen events you never planned for, we can make sure you don’t pay over the odds for works that are a simple amendment. On the flipside, we’ll check that you’re not undercharging for hidden costs by making you aware of what those extra works actually cost you during a contract, rather than at the end when it’s too late.


Our checks will ensure your specifications are concise and correct, include all the necessary documentation and don’t leave anything to chance.

Technical Coordination

Designing and constructing complex structures will leave you in possession of an enormous amount of information. With our project management you can be confident that all parties can decipher it in the manner it was intended, everyone is coordinated efficiently, and that all consultants and trades are managed and brought together in unison. We’ll even schedule productive meetings that benefit all parties and ensure all design and preparation is used effectively.

Consultant Management
The costs of using consultants can easily spiral out of control, even though they may only be a small part of your entire project. We can help you manage and coordinate your use of consultant so that there is an effective overlap between them and they remain a cost-effective solution for your business.

Health & Safety
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