Project managing every step of the way to help you maximise profits and minimise risks within your development portfolio

Environmental Legislation
Along with all the legislation on any project you also need to be working closely with the Environment Agency to maximise a return on your investment. We can help you avoid huge regeneration costs and risks, and ensure you fulfil your environmental responsibilities.

Remediation Strategies

Leave dealing with the complicated terminology to us, and we’ll provide you with a detailed and concise outline of your requirements.

Cost Management Techniques
Brown field regeneration need not be complicated. We know how to deal with each phase of contamination in a simple, cost effective way. Developments can be decontaminated in a phased approach leaving development works free to proceed and give a return on investment without reducing work in progress.

Flood Plain Development

Water levels are rising thanks to our ever changing climate. We can help you work out if your development satisfies environmental constraints and fulfils a one-in-a-hundred-year flood prediction, or help you prepare strategies if you are already within a flood plain. Existing flood plain catchment areas cannot be reduced in volume so you must maintain the storage capacity or re-engineer developments to suit. We will walk you through what can be a complicated process, especially when development land is at a premium and it’s essential to maximise the developable potential of every square foot.

Third Party Receptors

Are you aware of your responsibilities? Did you know that if your land has a known source of contamination which enters a watercourse or migrates through the ground you can be prosecuted? Our intermediate remediation techniques can help you prevent this by remediating the source and containing contamination, giving you time and peace of mind to continue planning the development without the full financial outlay of a full clean up.

Waste Management
Remediation activities require you to comply with a vast amount of regulatory conditions such as waste management licences, desktop studies, remediation strategies, validation and factual reports, quantative risk assessments and – depending on the activities involved – mobile plant licences. Then there’s the environmental health responsibilities, depending on your end-user requirements for the development. We can manage all of this for you to satisfy the regulatory bodies and ensure your development ticks all the necessary boxes.

Health & Safety
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