Project managing every step of the way to help you maximise profits and minimise risks within your development portfolio

Financial monitoring
With our detailed cost reports you get an up-to-the-minute picture of the financial status of your projects, enabling you to make design changes and decisions on specification, as well as giving you an ongoing tool showing a detailed overview of your profits to date. All of this puts you in control of your projects rather than delaying those important financial decisions.

Budgetary Controls
It’s important to control costs before they spiral. Our detailed budgeting breakdowns will enable you to make necessary financial management decisions with the confidence that the costs will remain within your budget.

Our point-in-time forecasts with up-to-date information mean we can compile detailed financial packs that will help you present key information in a simple but precise format to management team members.

Cash Flow
Ensuring your cash flow represents a true reflection of your cash movements means you won’t be held back by late payments that cost you and your business valuable profits. Our cash flow planning also ensures that you maintain margins through the entire project and can use these to manage debtors accordingly.

Key Performance Indicators

Monitoring your performance against key targets will enable you to make the right management decisions. Whether you want to know about production against program, or sales and profit margins, we can monitor every aspect of your financial process against performance.

If you ensure your systems are precise, efficient and simple, you won’t get bogged down by pages of statistics that are no use to anyone. We can help you tailor your systems and software to suit your business so you’re not controlled by your accounts packages. We can also produce reports that are concise and present the information you need to suit your business.

Land Acquisition
Our aim is to help you acquire the land that is right for you, manage the risks and return high margins. With our expert advice and surveyors you can be confident that your cost projections are correct and that all planning and environmental conditions are met.

Health & Safety
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